Saturday, December 11, 2004

bin Laden Annoints a Spokesmodel

bin Laden released a tape just prior the US election. He annointed several western journalists as having a special understanding of al qaeda's cause. He included a special plea for western TV to broadcast reports by socialist-fascist apologist Robert Fisk. Indeed, Fisk won a special al qaeda merit badge:
"This is the message that we have tried to convey to you... Observe it, if you the deeds of Nairobi and Tanzania and Aden, and observe it in ... interviews with Robert Fisk.... I consider him [Fisk] to be unbiased. Would ...the TV stations ... conduct an interview with him [Robert Fisk] so that he might convey to the American people what he has understood from us concerning the causes of our fight against you? ... As for [the fight's ] results, they are very positive, with Allah's grace."

And the far left media goes merrily on its way, free of any sense of their useful idiocy.