Friday, October 29, 2004

I Wonder If He Spoke of These Things.....?

I wonder if he spoke about how many of his close al qaeda comrades we have slain, or if he spoke about the thousands of fascists that we will kill in the near future?

I wonder if he spoke about that Jew, Paul Wolfowitz, and that Christian, George Bush, and that African American, Condi Rice - the infidels who crushed his plans for a fundmentalist islamo-fascist regime with some oil spigots underneath; did he speak of the irony that a Jew, a Christian and an African American defeated his one muslim 14th century caliphate-in-waiting, to be built on a billion serfs who were ripe for his recruiting, had he worked it for another decade.

I wonder if he spoke about how we have hobbled the international islamo fascist financial system; or how we took Pakistan away; or how we took Afghanistan away; or how we took Iraq away; or how we counted with efficiency how we eliminated his key people; how our culture vanquished his terror state in hours, and forever took from him his cached weapons of war.

Or if he spoke about how cold and damp that cave is, where he lives; or if he spoke about the similarities between his cave and Saddam's spider hole.

I wonder if he spoke about the massive manpower he is expending trying to stop our rapid dismantling of his fascist school rooms. I wonder if he spoke of his fear over our curbing his supply of stupid brainwashed oxen children soldiers. I wonder if he spoke of his angst over having to kill young teachers, knowing it is done for pleasure and spite, although he has to pretend it is about an obligation to a fatwa.

I wonder if he spoke about he has brought about a generation of silent discriminaton in the west against any middle-eastern looking male, and how that will set back the arab peoples for generations.

I wonder if he spoke of how he feels about the fact that I now chuckle at his backyard videos tapes. I wonder if he spoke of how children now wear rubber masks of his likeness, mocking him like a clown or a cereal box character.

I wonder if he spoke of his legacy with children in Palestine, who now have nothing but to climb all over burnt-out terrorist cars as if they were jungle gyms, and who fish for charred body parts to parade with, instead of a kite with a long tail. I wonder if he spoke of the backlash against his cult that will occur, then these children come of age and realize what macabre scraps of a life were left for them, and that he had looted their culture - and their personal futures - of anything noble.

I wonder if he spoke of his regret at how close he was - 10 years - to establishing an islamo-fascist dynasty that would have lasted 100 years, and how his strategic miscalculation caused it all to go away.

I wonder if he spoke about the irony that the West had no plans for a Crusade, it was unthinkable; that we were fat-and-happy geese; and of his sense of irony and tragedy that it was his error - his error alone - in launching the 911 attacks, that transformed the Western geese into Crusaders; and that yes, the elimination from the earth of his brand of islamo-fascism is exactly the Crusaders' intent, and that we are just a few months from total victory...all thanks to him, and him alone. He is the West's greatest friend; he was the smoke alarm in the burning house that awoke us to a noxious fire. Without him, we were geese for slaughter; thanks to him, we became Crusaders, just in the nick of time. Did he speak of our gratitude to him, for being our smoke alarm, for which the West will forever give thanks to him.

Most of all, I wonder if he spoke about the fate of millions of Islamic women who will be educated and live free lives, and who will walk and talk and get elected to office and rule over many men, and of the thousands of Islamic women who will come to the West to college and will have sex with Christians and Jews and produce Christian/Islamic/Jewish babies, many of whom will return to the middle east and rise to power as the ruling class in a democratic society.

I wonder if he spoke of his emotions in realizing the inevitability that the men of the West now get to have sex with his women - and his women get to have sex with the West... and with that, he has become powerless, and his philosophy has been vanquished from this earth.

I wonder if he spoke about what he shares with Adolph Hitler in the bunker -- the realization of powerlessness to stop his Eden from slipping through his fingers -- and the looming dark night of insanity rapidly cloaking his brain, unable to accept that he was that close to having become ruler of half the world. Hitler chose death over insanity.

I wonder if he spoke about these things?


Well, no matter. Dead or crazy, soon.