Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Taste of Bias

A liberal friend and co-worker was very distraught that his early expectation of a Kerry victory was dashed later that evening.
With the election over, I pointed out to him an example of what center and center-right thinkers have lived with all their lives, 24/7, via the media. Mass media sets the agenda, and people get their data and form their opinions and move on to the next hour of their life. But, my friend disputes that, and that there is any effect of the liberal MSM.
So...I pulled out his email of mid-afternoon election day, and showed it to him. "Let's talk about 'reliable sources.' Anyone right-of-center gets to deal with their own version of your incorrect email, day after day after day."
For a moment, I think he actually understood what I was saying......

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I just heard from reliable sources, Kerry in a landslide....