Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Left Wing Makes This So Easy....

My only post-election lecture:

News item: "Gay rights activists received a rebuke from the Deep South to North Dakota as voters in 11 states approved constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage in a clean sweep for proponents of traditional one-man, one-woman unions."


When the left wing of the democratic party does stuff, disasters happen.

The Massachusetts court jammed the gay marriage ssue on a liberal (but not left wing) state legislature, and the SF mayor did the same thing by issuing gay marriage licenses. These disciples of the Left were blind - ridiculously blind - to the reaction that was sure to follow. Outside of the left wing echo chamber, the reaction was 100% predictable.

Since that jamming of the gay marriage "issue," 13 state constitutions have been amended by overwhelming margins. And...a Republican administration was handed its wedge issue on a golden platter

Cf: The Brown vs. Board of Education court, in 1954, who were wise enough to realize that they did not have public opinion behind them for desegregation, and realized that generational change was needed, and did not try to jam their edict. They adopted an approach (them remanded the issue to district courts, to figure out exactly what to do over the next 20 years) that would take a generation to implement; let society adjust, slowly. Let the opposition die out (literally).

Don't jam it.

Those were wise folks. The left wing of the Dem party, today, are hacks, in comparison. Don't believe me - just look at this Gay Marriage case study. I cannot script a bigger backfire/disaster scenario.

And all of it, completely predictable. That is, if you live outside of certain neighborhoods of SF, West Los Angeles and Manhattan.

And, I think - directly or indirectly - it is the reason why Bush carried Ohio and maybe a few other states.

A couple Left Wing members of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and the SF mayor - set back the "gay rights cause" for a generation. By arrogance and negligence. And...maybe elected Bush.

When a group insists on acting on the insular views of their own echo chamber, disasters happen. These may have been "unintended consequences" - but they were "predicatable consequences." Arrogance and negligence are to blame.