Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why Not Just Call Her a N*gger B*tch?

Of course, if a Democrat had appointed a black woman as Secretary of State, the headlines would scream: "Democrats Lift African American Woman Through The Glass Ceiling at Foggy Bottom!"

But wait, the administration and the woman are not left wing? Time for the MSM to damn Condi Rice:

Bush Names Hawkish Rice Top U.S. Diplomat

By SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer

Nowhere in the article is there any substance or support for labelling Rice as a "Hawk." But the liberal MSM must begin to undermine her. It starts with the headline. They cannot help themselves.

The A.P. tries to destroy her rags-to-power personal story. She has no street or racial or socioeconomic creds, per the A.P.:

Rice... was somewhat sheltered as a youngster in Alabama from the racial conflicts and segregation of the South... when she was 9, a bomb exploded at a Baptist church a few miles away, killing four black girls, one of them a schoolmate.