Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Want Body Count

Now come the MSM reports of the "Battle of Falluja."

It has been a cakewalk.

Left wingers in the MSM, perhaps stunned by Bush's re-election and the scorn with which their words are now treated, were remarkably muted with their typical dire predictions of "quagmire" and "negligent military campaign." Al Jazeera will have to pick up the slack for a week.

I want body counts of dead islamo-fascists.

I want the world to have access to a US Military website with a running body count, theater by theater, town by town, perhaps delayed 15 minutes like a NASDAQ quote. CNN can run it, if they'd like. Might help their ratings.

I want to see the real-time beheading of the islamo-fascist movement, the fear of which has frozen all politics for 36 months.

I want the images broadcast across the Mideast. The jihadists have brainwashed their youth into thinking that they have a chance of winning, and intimidated citizens that there will be revenge after they win.

In fact, the islamo-fascist jihadists have no chance of even surviving a particular battle. The harsh truth - the body count - will help spread that truth, just as the photos of the dead Hussein kiddies helped.

It is unfortunate, but it is necessary.

I want body count. Because it is effective.

If we are not willing to fight an effective war, then let's not bother to fight the war.

UPDATE: Thank you for the body count. I am glad it numbers in the 4-figures.