Friday, October 29, 2004

I Wonder If He Spoke of These Things.....?

I wonder if he spoke about how many of his close al qaeda comrades we have slain, or if he spoke about the thousands of fascists that we will kill in the near future?

I wonder if he spoke about that Jew, Paul Wolfowitz, and that Christian, George Bush, and that African American, Condi Rice - the infidels who crushed his plans for a fundmentalist islamo-fascist regime with some oil spigots underneath; did he speak of the irony that a Jew, a Christian and an African American defeated his one muslim 14th century caliphate-in-waiting, to be built on a billion serfs who were ripe for his recruiting, had he worked it for another decade.

I wonder if he spoke about how we have hobbled the international islamo fascist financial system; or how we took Pakistan away; or how we took Afghanistan away; or how we took Iraq away; or how we counted with efficiency how we eliminated his key people; how our culture vanquished his terror state in hours, and forever took from him his cached weapons of war.

Or if he spoke about how cold and damp that cave is, where he lives; or if he spoke about the similarities between his cave and Saddam's spider hole.

I wonder if he spoke about the massive manpower he is expending trying to stop our rapid dismantling of his fascist school rooms. I wonder if he spoke of his fear over our curbing his supply of stupid brainwashed oxen children soldiers. I wonder if he spoke of his angst over having to kill young teachers, knowing it is done for pleasure and spite, although he has to pretend it is about an obligation to a fatwa.

I wonder if he spoke about he has brought about a generation of silent discriminaton in the west against any middle-eastern looking male, and how that will set back the arab peoples for generations.

I wonder if he spoke of how he feels about the fact that I now chuckle at his backyard videos tapes. I wonder if he spoke of how children now wear rubber masks of his likeness, mocking him like a clown or a cereal box character.

I wonder if he spoke of his legacy with children in Palestine, who now have nothing but to climb all over burnt-out terrorist cars as if they were jungle gyms, and who fish for charred body parts to parade with, instead of a kite with a long tail. I wonder if he spoke of the backlash against his cult that will occur, then these children come of age and realize what macabre scraps of a life were left for them, and that he had looted their culture - and their personal futures - of anything noble.

I wonder if he spoke of his regret at how close he was - 10 years - to establishing an islamo-fascist dynasty that would have lasted 100 years, and how his strategic miscalculation caused it all to go away.

I wonder if he spoke about the irony that the West had no plans for a Crusade, it was unthinkable; that we were fat-and-happy geese; and of his sense of irony and tragedy that it was his error - his error alone - in launching the 911 attacks, that transformed the Western geese into Crusaders; and that yes, the elimination from the earth of his brand of islamo-fascism is exactly the Crusaders' intent, and that we are just a few months from total victory...all thanks to him, and him alone. He is the West's greatest friend; he was the smoke alarm in the burning house that awoke us to a noxious fire. Without him, we were geese for slaughter; thanks to him, we became Crusaders, just in the nick of time. Did he speak of our gratitude to him, for being our smoke alarm, for which the West will forever give thanks to him.

Most of all, I wonder if he spoke about the fate of millions of Islamic women who will be educated and live free lives, and who will walk and talk and get elected to office and rule over many men, and of the thousands of Islamic women who will come to the West to college and will have sex with Christians and Jews and produce Christian/Islamic/Jewish babies, many of whom will return to the middle east and rise to power as the ruling class in a democratic society.

I wonder if he spoke of his emotions in realizing the inevitability that the men of the West now get to have sex with his women - and his women get to have sex with the West... and with that, he has become powerless, and his philosophy has been vanquished from this earth.

I wonder if he spoke about what he shares with Adolph Hitler in the bunker -- the realization of powerlessness to stop his Eden from slipping through his fingers -- and the looming dark night of insanity rapidly cloaking his brain, unable to accept that he was that close to having become ruler of half the world. Hitler chose death over insanity.

I wonder if he spoke about these things?


Well, no matter. Dead or crazy, soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Die, Arafat. Good Riddance.

Die, Arafat. There is something good about bad people going away. Good riddance. Sure, a vacuum may result, but that logic justifies any and every despot and terrorist. The coming Bush victory, and the anti-gay marriage movement in the US, were too much for Arafat to handle. No palestinian state, no boyfriend wife in the US, and humilitation for all you stand for.

Arafat Collapses As His Health Worsens

Associated Press

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Yasser Arafat collapsed Wednesday night, was unconscious for about 10 minutes and remained in a "very difficult situation," Palestinian officials said. A team of Jordanian doctors was urgently summoned to treat the ailing Palestinian leader.


Arafat Reported Clinically Dead

Nov 4, 11:39 AM (ET)
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was declared clinically dead on Thursday in a French hospital, Israeli television said citing French sources.


Suhat Arafat is a nutcase. Messed up French fat girl married the gay AIDS-stricken terrorist for money.

Suhat...too bad he didn't give you the Swiss bank account codes. You will be destitute within weeks. Maierle grande. Bitch and moan; but they won't give you the money.

We will not shed any tears when you die, pigwoman.


So, Too Fat Suhat Arafat, you negotiated a $20M per year stipend. Well, that beats Imelda Marcos' deal. However, the PLO will kill you shortly, in order to terminate the expenditure. Live by terror, lavish by terror, die by terror. Good riddance, terror geisha.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Double Super Secret Summit

I realize that it is Politically Incorrect to ever use the words, "Kerry Lied," together. And Steely Dan pretty much monopolized the aliterative elements.

And this new story, from the Washington Times, about Kerry fibbing about being James Bond or Jason Bourne, seemed a bit trite, at first:

At the second presidential debate earlier this month, Mr. Kerry said he was more attuned to international concerns on Iraq than President Bush, citing his meeting with the entire Security Council. "This president hasn't listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein accountable," Mr. Kerry said of the Iraqi dictator. Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York in December 2003, Mr. Kerry explained that he understood the "real readiness" of the United Nations to "take this seriously" because he met "with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein." But of the five ambassadors on the Security Council in 2002 who were reached directly for comment, four said they had never met Mr. Kerry. The four also said that no one who worked for their countries' U.N. missions had met with Mr. Kerry either.

Worse, Kerry has invented details of the meeting in a Boston Globe interview, to bolster the credibility of the tale:

I went up to the United Nations at the request of some friends. And I met with the entire Security Council in a room just like this at a table ike this. I spent two hours with them, ust me and the Security Council, asking them questions.... I went through that with all of them. ... I left there convinced that the U.N. was prepared to be deadly serious about this.

Senator Kerry has put forward two main themes of his candidacy:

1. "Vietnam War Hero," and
2. Kerry “Will Be More Effective With Allies” in the War on Terror.

But, troubling patterns:

Vietnam War Hero. Launched with the Steven Spielberg-produced film used that the DNC Convention, there is mounting evidence that Kerry was dishonorably discharged from the military. His record, which he will not release, was scrubbed by proceedings under Carter’s Vietnam Amnesty program. Who would utilize such a “hero” theme in fact of a dishonorable discharge? (Bush, to the contrary, has no golden military record either, but he didn’t make it his campaign centerpiece.) Borderline pathological - inventing things out of whole cloth, with meglomania assumptions that no one will ever find out.

Kerry Will Be More Effective With Allies. This late-in-the-game claim is made, despite an objectively dismal performance record on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and a whitewashed episode from the early 70’s of his secretly (as in, illegal) meeting with several governmental and military factions of our enemy, the North Vietnamese.

In the recent debate, and elsewhere, Kerry has (as a campaign device) simply manufactured a secret summit meeting with the UN Security Counsel – “the entire Security Council in a room just like this at a table like this. I spent two hours with them.., just me and the Security Council, asking them questions.”


Invented out of whole cloth, with the assumption that no one will findout.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Entertainment and stuff

The candidates are no longer trying to sway undecided voters.

The race is now about turnout.

Each side will say scary things about the other side, trying to drive people to the polls out of fear of the other guy winning by a narrow vote.

Relax, it should be entertaining.

Some good fun over at Scylla, by the way. Check it out.

Friday, October 15, 2004

A Rare Paragraph of Clarity

I'm green that I didn't pen it; but those are the breaks:

"The artists, musicians, and entertainers have also railed against the war. In the therapeutic mindset, the refinement and talent of a Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Bruce Springsteen, or John Fogerty earn respect when they weigh in on matters of state policy. But in the tragic view, they can be little more than puppets of inspiration. Their natural gifts are not necessarily enriched by real education or learning. Indeed, they are just as likely to be high-school or college dropouts and near illiterates, albeit with good memories, voices, and looks. The present antics of these influential millionaire entertainers should remind us why Plato banished them — worried that we might confuse the inspired creative frenzies of the artisans with some sort of empirical knowledge. But you can no more sing, or write, or act al Qaeda away than the equally sensitive novelists and intellectuals of the 1930s or 1940s could rehabilitate Stalin." --Victor Hanson

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blueprint Variation: Liberal vs. Conservative Brains

Liberals: More connected to immediate person-to-person things. More connected to the emotion of the moment. People-centric, not thing-centric. This brain wiring is common in people drawn into the creative arts, like actors and musicians.

Conservatives: Connected to thoughts, syllogisms and paradigms. More connected to the emotion of an ideal. Less emotional and people-centric. This brain wiring is common in people drawn into engineering and building fields, including the military command.

Hence: Liberal political thought is more about trying to make individual people happy, today. Conservative political thought is more about creating a system that allows the maximum number of people to be happy, albeit there may be no immediate result today.

Liberal brains are more attuned to immediate wants and needs, and less able to accurately give weight to the long term systemic consequences of their political actions. They will feed a cute pigeon, and flocks of pigeons arrive seconds later and spoil the pavement.

Conservatives are less attuned to immediate wants and needs, and more able to accurately give weight to the long term systemic consequences of their political actions. They will refrain from feeding a cute pigeon, knowing that it will cuase locks of pigeons to arrive seconds later and spoil the pavement.

Liberals think conservatives are cold, heartless and greedy, for ignoring the hungry pigeon. Conservatives think liberals have a low IQ, for failing to see the obvious negative impact of feeding the pigeon.

Liberals see war and focus on the deaths that will ensue. Conservatives see war and focus on the deaths that will be prevented.

Liberals think conservatives are evil, for going to war whereby civilians and soldiers die. Conservatives think liberals are naive and have a low IQ, for failing to see war as the effective way to prevent even more death.

Liberals see a war corpse and focus on the family left behind, and the horror of war. Conservatives see a war corpse as a predicted, statistical casualty.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Illegal Immigration. The Greatest Prole F***Over, Ever

Imagine every day your boss pulls into the parking lot, and there are several hundred people along the driveway with signs begging the boss to fire you and hire one of them, for half the cost. And longer hours. No benefits, either.

And every person in that line is breaking the law, just by being there.

If you were subjected to that scenario, you would soon go postal, or threaten your government to do something. Or, get fired.

Welcome to the average work day of blue collar workers in Southern California.

But, you've paid union dues; so did your father. Your union is fighting for you, right?

Let's see what the AFL-CIO says about all these illegal aliens who want your job. First of all, they've got a name. "Immigrant workers."

Second, the AFL-CIO thinks that your boss should try to pay benefits to your replacement, when you are fired. Really; read the website.


The Teamsters' website doesn't even bother to inform the membership about its position regarding the influx of illegal alien jobs seekers. But, they do have a ballin' Teamsters screensaver you can download.


You're making $11 per hour, and you really need $15 per hour, plus benefits. The dozens of illegal immigrants waving the placards at your boss each morning - drawn from an army of millions - will take $5, without benefits.

So what do you think your chances of getting that wage increase are? Or, avoiding health benefit cutbacks? Zero. Ask the grocery clerks. Or the hotel workers.

"We'll strike," you are assured. "We shall prevail." Again, ask the grocery clerks how that worked out for them.

What are your chances of having your job in 4 years? Pretty good, if $5 an hour works for you. If you learn Spanish and can act as a crew chief, maybe you can pull $8 an hour.

What on Earth are the unions thinking? Why are the unions in favor of flooding the lower end of the labor market? Some sort of long-term plan to re-populate the rolls of the blue collar crowds, desparate and willing to accept 1950's-style union corruption?

Do the members have any clue what is going on?

Unions workers have a tough enough time; their trustees actually assisting the inflow of millions of illegal workers, willing to take 30 cents on the dollar, is suicide.

What is going on? What am I missing?

*-Adios, muthafucka, you're on your own.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Secret Understanding of Left's "Tantalus Field" Delusion on Military Matters

I used to get mad at otherwise smart liberal friends, over their dissonance in applying simple game theory to military situations. For 30 years, I suffered through countless new excuses as to why the US is morally repugnant on any military issue.

Then, I had a lightbulb moment with one very liberal friend pre-Iraq invasion, so I drilled in with others.

Bottom line: In their better moments, most Left friends claimed to be in favor of "special operations" or "black ops" to take out Saddam. I pressed them on it. They all were somewhat enthusiastic in their newfound, patriotic warmonger mode. To send in an Apache, that is.

You see, to the Left, war is justified only when it is a silver bullet. As in a Hollywood movie. When there are no civilian casualties. Only a couple of real bad guys die. There are no US casualties. Costs are low. And no third world grumbling will be heard over the military event.

They are deluded. The reason it is called, "War," is because.....well, you get it. It's hell. Innocents die; things are ruined; and one side imposes its will on another.

Liberals think that a just "war" can be none of those things. A liberal war is Day of the Jackal.

I know where that Liberal delusion comes from, in middle-aged lefties. They watched too much Star Trek. In particular, their minds were abducted by the Mirror Mirror episode.

That's the episode where Kirk and Co. find themselves in an alternate, warlike universe. Kirk has a concubine who shows him a secret device in his quarters, from the plundered laboratory of an alien scientist. It's called the "Tantalus Field". It has two powers -- a monitoring capability so one can keep an eye on one's enemies; and a white button which, if pressed, disappears the chosen enemy. He just magically disappears. Poof.

That perfectly encapsulates the military view of the Left. Only the Tantalus Field is acceptable.

Bush should have just adjourned to his quarters, and pushed the white button to make Saddam disappear.

Bush 1 should have done the same thing, to get Iraq out of Kuwait.

Johnson should have done it to Ho Chi Min.

Eisenhower should have done it to Hitler.


Of course, the Tantalus Field is make believe. It's an adult adaptation of the childhood wish to be God.

But the Left cannot make that connection. Their cognitive dissonance prevents them from seeing that their being in favor of "black ops" is really just a childhood wish for the Tantalus Field.

The Left never really gets itself out of this box, and more importantly, cannot even recognize that the box exists.


Witness Kerry's plan to get Eurupe to step up in Iraq. Typical left wishful thinking.

Stellar Choice by the Nobel Brain Trust

Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, claimed in her Nobel press conference that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent, intended to wipe out Black Africa.

"Some say that AIDS came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys (since) time immemorial.... Us black people are dying more than any other people in this planet...In fact it (the HIV virus) is created by
a scientist for biological warfare...Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where did the virus come from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me suspicious."

Nobelette Maathai was quoted in August by the East Africa Standard newspaper as saying that HIV/AIDS was created by scientists for the purpose of mass extermination.

The Standard also noted that Maathai’s main AIDS concern is that with every AIDS death, another tree will have to be cut to make a coffin.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Tragedy of the Commons

Garrett Hardin died recently. He was a pioneer who did not fit nicely into either world of either the Left or the Right. Alas, his writings were lucid and, frankly, irrebutable.

Hardin popularized the term “Tragedy of the Commons,” shorthand for the phenomenon that, left unchecked, individuals’ uses of public places or “commons” leads to the destruction of the commons. In some ways, there is a yin-yang relationship between the Invisible Hand the tragedy of the commons.

By “commons,” Hardin meant common places whose use (and abuse) is free to all. Tragedy was used to mean "the solemnity of the remorseless working of things." Other economists might explain Hardin's concepts as addressing whether the true costs of the usage are not reflected in the free price - the "externalities chapter in MacroEconomics that you didn't read.

As a result, companies find it beneficial to dump wastes into rivers and oceans, because from the company’s viewpoint, it is rational to clean up the company’s factory by slightly polluting the oceans, instead of spoiling the company factory by retaining the waste.

Similarly, public lands get over-grazed and become useless. Hardin described pictures of northern Africa showed an irregular dark patch, 390 square miles in area. Ground-level investigation revealed a fenced area inside of which there was plenty of grass. Outside, the ground cover had been devastated. The fenced area was private property, and each year the private owners moved their animals to a new section. (The fallow periods gave the sections time to recover from the grazing) They did so because the owners had an incentive to take care of their land. But outside the ranch, no one owned the land - it was open to nomads and their herds, to use for free. Uncontrolled, the free users grew in number, and ultimately the herds exceeded the natural "carrying capacity" of their environment. The soil of the commons was compacted and eroded, and "weedy" plants, unfit for cattle consumption, replaced good plants. Many cattle died, and so did humans. This is, literally, the “tragedy of the commons.”

Hardin and other commentators focused on things environmental: Over-fishing of oceans; hunting carrier pigeons and buffalo to extinction; and pollution of the air. All these are clear examples of private decisions, left unchecked, resulting in ruination for all.

Even public highway congestion (as opposed to private toll roads) was described by Hardin as inevitable over-use due to the lack of any user fee.

At first blush, you would think that large industrial corporations would tend to be hostile to the Tragedy of the Commons lessons, as anti-pollution laws, forestry logging restrictions and the like are the result. And history is replete with just such opposition.

Greatly simplifying, then, the interests of industrialists would seem to be against Hardin’s theories, as they frustrate Big Industry. If we assume Big Industry is synonymous with the “Right” wing of the political spectrum, then the Right Wing is against Hardin. Similarly, to the extent that the “Right” is deemed to be the partisans who want above all individual liberties, many of such liberties contradict the stewardship ideas inherent in Tragedy thinking.

Again greatly simplifying, the dogma of the “Left Wing” of the political spectrum at its core desires “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities” and pursues greater public ownership of things. Yet the Tragedy of the Commons is no friend of the Left Wing. The theories of Hardin focus on managing the commons by private ownership, where stewardship is at its most rational. Rationing the goods of the Earth via private property and user fees is antithetical to many on the Left, as somehow elitist and discriminatory.

Perhaps it is the Caspar Milquetoast in me, but any pair of glasses for viewing the world of politics which offends both the Right Wing and the Left Wing, is worth further review.

WW 4

WW 4
By Average Joe

Start exercising your brain the way your Grandfather did. The Cult of the Gray wants to censor you from a critical historical analysis.

WWI: 1914-1918
WWII: 1939-1945
WWIII: The Cold War: 1947 – 1989
WW IV: The Islamo Fascist War 2001 - ?

Don’t submit to the historical censors.

The Japanese Fascist/Nazi.

The Japanese military took over the Japanese government in the decades prior to WWII. The militarized regime indoctrinated a generation of Japanese with militarized schooling as to the need of Japanese youth the give their lives for their god-on-earth Emperor. They were brainwashed in a false perversion of vague Samarai code, that death in service of the god-emperor ensured honor to family. Martyrdom, as a religion. Genocide as an objective.

The brainwashing centered on the teaching that the Japanese were the superior race, and that other races were inferior. The Japanese military warlords sought the twin objectives of building a military empire, and controlling raw materials. The Japanese invaded and overran various countries in Southeast Asia. After invading, the Japanese killed millions in a war of genocide – the systematic mass murder of others because they are not of your race or religion or tribe. Distinctions between civilians and military were only in the mind of western apologists. Atrocities were numbing; soldiers’ wagers on the sex of fetuses hacked out of pregnant women, etc. The Japanese used what fledgling bioterrorism was available, such as breeding and spreading diseased rats in order to cause a pandemic. The Chinese city of Nanking was one target. A few months after invading, the Japanese had exterminated 350,000 civilians in that city, alone. Any living being not Japanese was worthy of slaughter, somehow in the name of the Emperor god, and the purity of a Japanese military empire.

The Japanese sought to control their entire side of the globe, as a vast empire to further their race and control raw materials – oil and other necessities.

The Japanese were taught that Westerners were weak and immoral and stood for nothing.

WWII Japanese soldiers were trained to ignore any semblance of “just war” theory or treaties, including the slaughter of prisoners of war. Battlefield medics were particularly targeted by Japanese snipers. Allied medical workers did not wear the “Red Cross”, as it simply ensured special targeting by snipers. (Even the Nazis gave lip service to respect of the Red Cross….).

The Japanese commenced WWII with a peacetime Sunday morning sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. 2400 were killed.

A few years later, the Japanese military concluded that they could not win the war with the U.S. They decided that inflicting massive casualties on the U.S. – military or civilian – during the eventual U.S. push to counterattack Japan, was needed in order to cause the U.S. public to withdraw support for attacking Japan. Thus, a peace treaty could be arranged without Japan bearing retaliation.

A year later, U.S. carpet bombing and firebombing of 60 Japanese cities, in which ½ to 2/3 of the cities were destroyed, did not cause either the Japanese military to capitulate, nor did the Japanese population rise up to stop the war.

The U.S. issued an ultimatum, which was ignored by the Japanese, and then the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Japan. Then another. At that point, the Japanese surrendered. Perhaps the only way the fascist military dictatorship would surrender was to witness the ruthless resolve needed to drop an atomic bomb.

The Japanese people suffered their military overlords, U.S. firebombing and U.S. atomic strikes.

Yet a generation after the atomic bombings, the two countries and its peoples, despite racial, cultural and religious dissimilarity, are close economic partners who interact freely with each other and interlink their cultures and peoples by wholesale adoption of ideas and customs from the other. They have a lasting peace, and a lasting interdependent linkage of the two groups.

The Islamo Fascist

Since the success of the radical takeover in Iran in 1979, other militant racist islamo-fascist cults have been trying to take over Middle East and Muslim countries. Coming out of a Soviet war and civil war, the Taliban cult, sponsored by a Pakistani fundamentalist regime and Saudi money, took over Afghanistan. The Taliban and its islamo-fascist allies are indoctrinating a generation or Muslims with militarized schooling as to the need of Muslim youth to strike the Great Satan (currently the U.S.) and give their lives for their cult religion. The brainwashing includes that the Muslim religion dictates a radical authoritarian racist regime ruthlessly suppressing the population, as necessary to support the dogma that radical Islam is the superior race/religion, and that other races and religions, particularly Jews and Christians, are inferior and need to be exterminated.

The islamo-fascists teach and dictate that a war of genocide – the systematic mass murder of infidel Jews and Christians and others – is one’s duty. Any living being not of the radical islamo-fascist cult is worthy only of slaughter, somehow in the name of the religion and the purity of a radical cult regime. The islamo-fascists seek the twin objectives of building a fascist Islamist empire of the Mideast, and controlling all Mideast raw materials --oil. Various Islamist factions continue to attack Mideast countries under various names – Hamas, Jihad, Martyr’s Brigade, PLO, Taliban, etc. The islamo-fascists in particular target the killing of civilians in a war of terror. The islamo-fascists and their supporters actively seek biological and nuclear weaponry.

The radical islamo-fascists teach that Westerners are weak and immoral and stand for nothing.

Islamist “jihad” warriors, or terrorists, are trained to ignore any semblance of “just war” theory or treaties. They are brainwashed that a heaven is waiting to reward their martyrdom, complete with scores of virgins there for their pleasure. Martrydom is the cost of entry. When such is accepted, it then a small matter to accept slaughter of civilians. Suicide bombings of school buses and retail stores is of particular interest to them.

The islamo-fascists commenced the war in America with a peacetime morning sneak attack on civilians in New York and Washington. Over 3000 civilians were killed.

The islamo-fascists, in their quest for a Mideast empire and control of oil, know that they cannot win any conventional war with the U.S., or any other nation state. Instead, their strategy is to inflict massive civilian terror casualties on the U.S., in order to cause the U.S. public to withdraw support for a) preventing Islamist dictatorial hi-jacking of Mideast countries in order to turn them into cultist death camp regimes, like Afghanistan, and b) any US resistance to the islamo-fascists blitzkrieg, since the US is the only remaining international policeman.

In the near future, after U.S. carpet bombing and firebombing of Taliban strongholds and perhaps other terrorist camps, cities, countries, etc., it is unlikely that all the islamo-fascists will be eradicated, and unlikely that the islamo-fascists will call off their genocide jihad. It is also unlikely that the vast moderate yet brainwashed populations of the Mideast countries will rise in anger to stop the islamo-fascists.

The Average Joe in the U.S., just like the Average Joe in 1945, needs to jolt himself from the decade of Pax Americana and begin to address in his own mind that there is a war going on, not a “police action”, but a war. Jihad soldiers across the planet would without hesitation drop genocidal biochemical or nuclear weapons on any America city at the first opportunity. Our words or ultimatum will likely be ignored.

Tens of thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands, of civilians will eventually die in this US – islamo-fascist war. Just as the Japanese suffered under their warlords 5 decades ago.

Yet a generation later, despite racial, cultural and religious dissimilarity, history shows that a lasting peace, and a lasting interdependent linkage, can nonetheless follow between the US and the Muslim side of the globe.

A Memo Written 9.12.01


To: The Ordinary People of the Developing World
From: An Ordinary Joe in America
Date: September 12, 2001

Yesterday I woke up to the real time viewing of about 10,000 [ed: turned out to be 3000+] American civilians in various stages of their fiery deaths, incinerated in terrorist sneak attacks upon the most populated buildings in our most populated city.

Just ordinary Joes and Janes.

A government building and an American mass transit bus, known as a jetliner, also served fiery deaths to hundreds more in the attacks.

The life of ordinary people living in the developing countries of the Islamic world just changed.

I want to express my regret to the ordinary people of the Islamic world, for the unlucky card they were dealt in life. In the coming years, there will not be much regret expressed for the Islamic poor by the ordinary Joes or Joses. And the wrath of an awakened giant will end up destroying much of what the Islamic poor have in their daily lives. So here it is: “I regret what cards you have been dealt.”

But there is nothing I can – or will – do about it. But I will tell you a bit about it, so you understand my regret.

Like most of the 6 billion on Earth, you live your life more or less trying to get shelter, get food, battle disease and salvage a little happiness for you and your family. Unfortunately, the genetic lottery put you in a place on Earth where dictators and thugs still rule, or fight to rule.

You are less than a mule to them. Less than a barrel of oil. To them, you are a mere tool that is best kept dull and under control. The dictators who are your masters, under the excuse of some religious nonsense, know that you feel powerless and desperate. The dictators also know that they are the cause of your desperate straits.

So by striking “America,” portrayed to you as the Devil Incarnate, you feel a momentary power, a belonging, a virility. You are somehow connected to the images on CNN. You have power in the world. You must now be respected.

And your dictator is the one who brought you that feeling. Like an opiate. In the bleakness of your ordinary existence, this was something new.

Thugs have ruled the Earth since recorded time. Beginning about ½ way through the last millennium, that began to change, slowly, in a few parts of the world. About 200 years ago, rule-by-despot was done away with, on paper, in the New World, although the struggle is never over. Others followed. 50 years ago, dictators were again eradicated from more of the Western world, and 10 years ago, even more dictators fell.

This delivery from serfdom has been a 200, perhaps even a 600 year struggle, for the European and American peoples.

You are not so lucky. You and your friends live in the chains of a serf, and your master is a small group of men who rule you with an iron fist. Like a donkey. You are useful to them only to the extent that you keep them in power.

They use the same old story. Religious purity. Or racial purity. Or political/thought purity.

They use tried-and-true versions of the opiates to keep you dull. You are brainwashed that life on Earth is a burden to be endured, and that your god is waiting to reward you when you finish your horrible tasks on earth. Some of you are even brainwashed to believe that fields of luscious virgins await to pleasure you in heaven, if and only if you exit this paltry earth as a martyr.

None of this brainwashing is true, but my purpose here is to express regret, not to argue spiritual matters. In the West, we have fought, and many have died horrible deaths, to create a society where you can think and believe whatever thoughts you desire, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do that.

Rather, brainwashing is used by your master for good reason - to maintain you as poor, uneducated proletariat (the dull tool), conditioned to equate the ruling dictator with god, or god’s agent, and therefore to be obeyed. The dictator also needs to be able to whip you into a frenzy, when needed, to defend the dictator from internal or external challenge.

During our hundreds of years of struggles, some succumbed to the same brainwashing forces. For example, every few years we have a mass murder episode perpetrated by some “religious cult,” typically made up of people who have fallen to, or below, the lower rungs of our society. They kill, or die, while brainwashed to believe that they are leaving their burdens of this earth to a better place. Maybe even one with beautiful luscious virgins waiting to attend to them.

We even had a whole group of dictators mid-century, one in particular, who was quite literally insane, brainwash entire cities and countries into believing that a small northern European race was the group chosen by god to rule over a third coming. Anyone not in that little group was a mule, or worse. A couple million people died in the resulting battle. Some were even baked in ovens, like mule-pot-pie. That was good vs. evil. Luckily, and way too close for comfort, Good won. The race killers were basically made extinct, except for a few little groups that survive today, sort of like a human zoo.

Most of the people who were around for that stuff are dead now. Most – yes most – of the new generations of Ordinary Joes don’t know what their grandparents lived through. Cannot identify what Kristallnacht or Nanking was. So they got a bit mushy. No need to pay attention to old stuff.

Anyway, the West has become a place of freedom. Life, liberty, and freedom from fear and destruction. You are not so lucky. Instead, probably through little or no fault of your own, you are a slave to (meaning, you are ruled by) the Taliban, or the Hussein posse, or any of the other Islamic fundamentalist dictators who constantly bombard you, since your youth, with messages that:

a) your fundamentalist leader is an agent of god,
b) everyone else must yield to your leader, or they are an instrument of the devil,
c) your life on earth was meant to be horrific due to some flaw beyond your control, and
d) if you act as a soldier for the leader, you will be delivered to heaven (and its luscious waiting virgins), special delivery.

I regret that, given the events of yesterday, your slavery to your dictators is going to become so hard on you and your family in the coming years.

Why are you not lucky? Because before yesterday, Americans (and other Western and democratic peoples) pretty much knew that you got born into an unlucky situation, dealt a bad hand in life, and that is wasn’t really your fault. Thus, we were willing to suffer minor, and major, detriment in order to protect you from the crazed actions of your master. Your master doesn’t care about you – you are just his mules – but Americans actually did care, at least a bit. Meaning, Americans were against your death or injury or deprivation, simply because you are the slave of a dictator.

So Americans, and their leaders, really did believe in things like “surgical strikes”, which are very expensive and result in Americans spending money on surgical strike tools rather than health care and the like, all in order to try – or at least, try a little – to spare you from the crazed actions of the dictators who rule you, and brainwash you so that you don’t know any better.

But that pretty much changed yesterday.

I still know that you are not at fault, or not much at fault, but that has moved way down the list of priorities for me. Way, way down the list. Many, many agree with this, I think.

Rather, my New Priority is to accept that the terrorist dictators, and their soldiers, and their suppliers and backers, simply have to be killed.

And the tools that assist them, destroyed.

And the nests where they breed, eradicated.

For years and years to come. Like the Cold War, which we fought for 40 years before victory arrived.

That is New Priority #1.

And I know that your terrorist dictators and their soldiers will use you as cover, or as tools, or as nests.

And due to brainwashing they have conducted on you, you are helpless to do anything about it.

So as the terrorist dictators are hunted and killed, they will use you and your families as a shield, and thus you shall also die or be injured or suffer.

As their tools are searched and destroyed, you will be in harm’s way, since unwittingly you are one of their tools. And as their nests are eradicated, you will become victims and refugees, since the dictators will sacrifice you first, before them.

I regret that these things will be brought to bear on you and your loved ones. But you are no longer my priority.