Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Illegal Immigration. The Greatest Prole F***Over, Ever

Imagine every day your boss pulls into the parking lot, and there are several hundred people along the driveway with signs begging the boss to fire you and hire one of them, for half the cost. And longer hours. No benefits, either.

And every person in that line is breaking the law, just by being there.

If you were subjected to that scenario, you would soon go postal, or threaten your government to do something. Or, get fired.

Welcome to the average work day of blue collar workers in Southern California.

But, you've paid union dues; so did your father. Your union is fighting for you, right?

Let's see what the AFL-CIO says about all these illegal aliens who want your job. First of all, they've got a name. "Immigrant workers."

Second, the AFL-CIO thinks that your boss should try to pay benefits to your replacement, when you are fired. Really; read the website.


The Teamsters' website doesn't even bother to inform the membership about its position regarding the influx of illegal alien jobs seekers. But, they do have a ballin' Teamsters screensaver you can download.


You're making $11 per hour, and you really need $15 per hour, plus benefits. The dozens of illegal immigrants waving the placards at your boss each morning - drawn from an army of millions - will take $5, without benefits.

So what do you think your chances of getting that wage increase are? Or, avoiding health benefit cutbacks? Zero. Ask the grocery clerks. Or the hotel workers.

"We'll strike," you are assured. "We shall prevail." Again, ask the grocery clerks how that worked out for them.

What are your chances of having your job in 4 years? Pretty good, if $5 an hour works for you. If you learn Spanish and can act as a crew chief, maybe you can pull $8 an hour.

What on Earth are the unions thinking? Why are the unions in favor of flooding the lower end of the labor market? Some sort of long-term plan to re-populate the rolls of the blue collar crowds, desparate and willing to accept 1950's-style union corruption?

Do the members have any clue what is going on?

Unions workers have a tough enough time; their trustees actually assisting the inflow of millions of illegal workers, willing to take 30 cents on the dollar, is suicide.

What is going on? What am I missing?

*-Adios, muthafucka, you're on your own.