Monday, December 13, 2004

The Baghdad Emperor Has Dandy Clothes

Regarding the US blitzkreig into Baghdad, March-April 2003:

Never mind that it ranks in the Top 10 (if not Top One) textbook routs by an army. Tsk tsk for you thinking it was anything but dumb luck. Stupid lucky hubris.

The leftist media - The New York Times - continues its unending campaign to establish that the US - somehow - messed up. And anyone who might point out the lopsided US victory, in the face of naysayer "quagmire" predictions, "just doesn't get it. " US overconfidence is already "well catalogued," so don't you dare challenge the dogma:
"American overconfidence on the road to Baghdad has been well catalogued, but it is worth remembering that the United States hardly monopolizes military hubris."
Might I ask, exactly where is this overconfidence "catalogued?" And since when does planning and executing a battle, stunningly, constitute military hubris?

Those are dandy clothes, Mr. Emperor. Just like Petain. While we on the subject of the French military, why not Google that phrase "French Military Victories" ?